'The Girl' behind The Girl Floral

Sarah White

I am wearing the BB Dakota Cognac Plaid Jacket. Only one left ....

About me ....

Where do I begin? First off, my name is Sarah and I am the Owner/Creative Director/Stylist and more behind The Girl Floral Lifestyle Boutique. I have owned the shop for just over a year now and have met so many amazing people.

Speaking of enjoyment I've probably had the most random bunch of jobs out there in my professional career. I've been a Product Developer, Costing Coordinator, Nanny, Kindergarten Teacher, French Teacher, Floral Assistant, and Freelancer. I've worked in Education, Fashion, Retail & more. Sometimes I'm not sure where I'm going but right now I think I'm where I'm supposed to be. All of the jobs I did I didn't love brought me to where I am today - my own boss. Looking back I probably could've guessed I'd be best working for myself but I guess it takes some trial and error to figure that out.

As a kid I always wanted to be a when my ideal of a major in French wasn't working out at Western University I changed up that plan - not without tears, let me tell you. I decided to finish up after a three year degree and moved on to Fashion Management & Promotions post-grad at Humber College. This is where I felt the most 'me'. I loved the creativity of the projects, creating faux retail stores and marketing plans. Thinking back I should've known I'd end up here. After a working at a Product Development company I wasn't loving I decided to jump on the chance to go to teacher's college - something I never thought possible without an Honours degree. It was the final year of the One-Year program and I am so glad that was the only time I wasted; it wasn't for me although I think I would love teaching in the Fashion program I was talking about. 

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I've always been the person who makes things happen. If there's someone I want to meet or connect with I'll send them a message. So when I met the girl who had her floral business in my current space I knew we'd be friends. She was blunt, but kind, hard-working and determined. When she decided to close her business at first I was upset. I had hoped she was texting me to meet up about the partnership plan we had brainstormed a few months before. When she asked if I wanted to sublet her space I had mixed feelings. Was I really going to leave a stable job and go out on my own? At first I thought 'no way' I'll find another job I like. A few weeks later she reached out again before she'd open it up to Kijiji and I decided to take a chance. A chance on building my own future, to create something I loved, and to bring others together with all the pretty things.

Although I always wanted to be a teacher I've realized the thing I've actually always loved - helping others. Owning the store I've had the chance to meet so many amazing women in business who inspire me and push me to continue on because, heck, running a business is not easy. Connecting others is what fuels my passion and drives my soul and as I continue with the Boutique I think you'll see a bit more of this coming into play .... Sign up for our Newsletter here to stay up to date and find out about our exclusive events. 

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