Knotted Headband - Revived Denim

Femme Faire

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Blue coloured headband with knot at the top
Model wearing blue coloured headband
Femme Faire Knotted Headband 
  • Comfort fit satin base
  • Width 1.5"/4cm
  • Proudly handmade in Canada
  • Made using re-purposed denim

Here’s a way to make sustainable fashion choices and look stunning! All fabrics from our upcycled collection would otherwise end up in a landfill. 

*because we use a variety of repurposed fabrics, colour will vary slightly



Our Story

A passion for travel and curiosity about the world led me on this journey.

Being a new momma I have a deep need to empower my daughter Aylah and for her to find connection not only in her own Canadian and Bangladeshi roots but to other women's lives, cultures and traditions around the world. So many women use their skills, expertise, abilities to create beauty in our world. I believe this beauty should be accessible to all women; Femme Faire is dedicated to curating quality slow handmade fashion for you to cherish.  


All Femme Faire products are ethically sourced, individually selected for their quality, authenticity, and charm. I’m hopeful that the items I feature will evoke emotion, spark passion, challenge our thinking and remind us that women do and women make beautiful things everywhere. Femme Faire is dedicated to slow fashion and sustainable and ethical practices always. 


Let’s stay connected to one another and inspire each other as mothers, sisters, and friends.

Femme Faire donates to local women's shelters


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