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Several bundles of flowers each attached Palo Santo sticks

Made by Altar Apothecary:

Palo Santo “Holy Wood”

Ethically Harvested. Only collected and processed after naturally falling.
*This is NOT the endangered species*
Then left 3-5 years to dry before turning into a useable product, essential oil or cut into sticks for burning, etc.

Benefits of use include: easily clearing negative and or stagnant energy. Inspiring creativity, welcoming positivity, peace and grounding.

Can be used as often as needed-
•After a bad day/situation
•During Meditation/journaling/intention setting
•Moving into a new home
•As part of your self care ritual
•During big life changes
•If you are like me, after your busy 4 year old goes to sleep and you finally put your feet up with a glass of wine!
•To infuse your home with the intoxicating smell of citrus, pine and magic
•While you work to get the creative vibes flowing
•Use on a Sunday to welcome a positive new week ahead!

Directions for use:

Break apart your bundle, remove dried florals and rose quartz. Simply light a stick of Palo Santo until it’s fully burning (easiest to light from a candle flame as a lighter gets hot). Let it burn for 30 seconds or so. Blow or shake the flame out. The white smoke can be wafted throughout your space where needed or lay it down on a heat proof dish to smolder. It will extinguish on it’s own shortly. Enjoy aromatherapy. Re-light as needed.


This bundle includes Palo Santo, dried florals and a crystal.


Rose Quartz - Love vibes

Clear Quartz - Positive vibes

Amethyst - Chill Out vibes

Kyanite - Zen vibes

Fuschite - Health/Heeling vibes

Pyrite - Prosperity vibes 

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