About 'The Girl'


The Girl - Sarah White

Sarah White is a leading Canadian Floral Design expert. She is also the CEO and Creative Director of The Girl Floral. Sarah has trained in Paris, Toronto and San Francisco to perfect her floral craft and has been inspired by the art of design: beautiful things, people and places.

Having grown up with two brothers, she was given the nickname of ‘the girl’ by her family at a young age, this was perfect as she loved all things beautiful. Sarah’s successful career into floral design was organically influenced by her childhood experiences and love of flowers. Her grandmother was an avid gardener and as a young girl, Sarah spent time at the cottage helping her grandmother garden and plant, also studying the many floral design books at the cottage.

Combining her background in fashion business and her celebrated floral design career, Sarah dreamed up a lifestyle boutique + wedding floral design studio filled with pretty things to bring happiness.  She spends her days at the boutique curating pieces of quality , imparting her expert knowledge to her clientele on ingredients, fabrics, florals and designing beautiful bouquets. Sarah White also thrives on finding cost savvy products that are conscious, sustainable, useful and effective for her clientele and entourage. She also believes in opening her space to host informational workshops collaboratively lead by her and brand experts for her clientele to enjoy and learn.

Sarah is committed to building a community where she can collaborate and share her knowledge, providing her clientele with the best quality goods and beautiful florals.