About 'The Girls'


Caitlyn Gambacort & Meagan Yanke



Caitlyn Gambacort and Meagan Yanke are thrilled to continue on the legacy of The Girl Floral, originally founded by Sarah White.

Caitlyn and Meagan have been friends for decades, initially meeting in a kindergarten class in Dundas, Ontario in the late '90s. While their lives have grown and changed, their friendship has remained, and it seems serendipitous that their mutual loves could come together in this beautiful venture. They are both passionate about supporting and elevating small business, and are excited to give a platform to Canadian-, womxn- and BIPOC-owned businesses.

. . . 

Caitlyn is a small business owner and entrepreneur based in Hamilton, Ontario. Growing up, she was always passionate about health and wellness, and ended up going to McMaster University to study Kinesiology. Caitlyn believes in prioritizing well-being, both physical and mental, and is excited to bring her love of self-care and self-love to The Girl Floral's shelves. 
Meagan, also from Hamilton, is a field biologist, with a big love for all things botanical - you can frequently find her gardening or tending to her indoor plants. Her passion for sustainability grew through her studies in environmental science, and she is excited to encourage this through the promotion of shopping and supporting local. She has a keen eye for style, and is a skilled floral designer - she even did her own wedding florals! 


Thank you so much for stopping by! We can't wait to share these curated products with you, and help you to shop small and feel good!