Anna & Co. Ava Bracelet

Anna & Co. Ava Bracelet

$35.00 CAD

Ava, the playful

A playful yet elevated design, Ava charms your wrist with childlike wonder. The aptly named Dalmatian beads resemble an animalistic pattern, while also evoking an art-like minimal modernism that is curious in nature and design.

Made with 5.5mm Matte Dalmatian (Stone) Jasper round beads and 3mm Ivory Jade rondelle beads.



Known as ‘The Playful Stone’, Dalmatian Stone encourages and fortifies a sense of playfulness and loyalty. It balances theRoot and Sacral Chakra, and it is used for mood elevation, nerves & reflexes, psychic protection, and spiritual grounding.Please note that each piece is made with semi-precious gemstone beads, and some stones may have slight variations in color.

XS - 6", S - 6.5", M - 7", L - 7.5", XL - 8"