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Cream and black dog magnet with yellow and orange dots
Cream and black coloured dog magnet
Tan and cream coloured bunny magnet
Cream and black coloured bunny magnet with yellow and red dots
Orange and black coloured cat magnet
Cream and tan coloured dog magnet
Cream and black coloured dog with brown, yellow, and red floral pattern
Cream and brown coloured dog magnet
Cream and brown coloured bunny magnet with orange spots
Cream and red coloured dog magnet

These cute artisanal pets are looking to be adopted! They make excellent magnets for holding important documents on magnet boards, as message board magnets in the home office, the kitchen fridge or for simply being used in decorating. They also make great gifts for those animal lovers in your life!

Each one is unique with characterful expressions and has hand painted designs. Made out of clay and hand painted, it then goes into bisque firing in a kiln at extremely high temperatures. From there the piece is carefully sanded and cleaned and finally sent to be glaze fired to become ceramic. It is then cleaned again, and the pin or magnet is attached. Each piece takes such a long process to become strong ceramic stoneware but in the end the hard work pays off!

All are magnets

***items are unique and may have quirks such as glazing pinholes, trapped glazing bubbles and slight unevenness or may not be entirely flat or slightly curved which makes them beautifully unique and handmade.

Although ceramics are very durable, it may break if drop from high on a hard surface so be careful!

Everything is very carefully packed. We take every effort to make sure items arrive safely!

Made in Oakville, Ontario 

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