About Us

The Concept

The Girl Floral is both a lifestyle boutique and wedding floral studio based in the Waterloo Region. Our wedding floral studio is highly sought after by wedding clientele and venues in the Greater Toronto Area, South Western Ontario, and surrounding areas.

The Lifestyle Boutique

The lifestyle boutique was born from owner Sarah White’s dream. It is a bespoke collection of Sarah White’s passions brought to life with beautifully curated apparel, clean beauty, handcrafted daily floral bouquets and lifestyle goods.

The Girl Floral thrives on curating unique brands, prioritizing support of local & Canadian small-batch makers.  We also ensure we are bringing in quality essentials that are conscious, ethically produced and have a lower carbon footprint. The boutique also carries Sarah White’s handcrafted fresh floral bouquets daily for our clienteles' enjoyment.

The Wedding Floral Studio

The floral studio space offers exclusive floral design services to a select number of couples each year. The studio wants to ensure our clients receive the special attention deserved for their wedding floral design, allowing the team the time to carefully hand-craft their floral vision for their special day. The Girl Floral Studio team consists of skilled floral designers lead by Sarah who has trained under celebrated florists and across the world to perfect her craft.

Cambridge, Ontario

18 Ainslie Street S. beside Monigram